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Good Credit introduces brilliant free travel credit card

For a few hours now, Good Credit has been offering a completely new credit card: the Good Credit Visa. The name is strongly reminiscent of the previous model, the Good Credit New Visa. The new credit card is much more attractive for everyone who likes to travel – there is still a catch.

The Good Credit New Visa has always been a good option

The Good Credit New Visa has always been a good option

Among free credit cards. However, the card was not ideal for travel as it was subject to both foreign currency fees and withdrawal fees outside the dollar zone. Exactly these two disadvantages are gone with the new product. The new Good Credit Visa offers three very central advantages:

  • no annual fee (free credit card)
  • free withdrawals (in Germany & worldwide)
  • toll-free payments in foreign currencies

The new credit card thus offers exactly the same important services as the Santander 1plus Visa credit card, which we have always recommended as a free travel credit card.

Good Credit Visa

  • For a limited time only: 25 dollars starting credit
  • No annual fee
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide
  • Free payments worldwide
  • Delayed card settlement
  • Compatible with existing account

Is the Good Credit Visa the new best free credit card for travel?

Is the Good Credit Visa the new best free credit card for travel?

With the new fee structure, we would definitely recommend the Good Credit Visa to you earlier than the credit cards mentioned. For example, the ICS Visa World Card does not offer fee-free payments in foreign currencies, with the Fee-Free Mastercard Gold you cannot de facto withdraw money for free. The Good Finance credit card is only available in conjunction with a checking account, and you also have to be an active customer.

Overall, the Good Credit Visa may still not be the perfect travel credit card in the free area, but it comes very close. This is especially true if you have a fixed-term contract or are training. The popular Santander credit card is only available to consumers with a permanent contract as well as selected students and self-employed. Those who do not fall into these groups cannot successfully apply for the credit card.

In this case, the Good Credit Visa, which can in principle be applied for by anyone (provided creditworthiness), is definitely the first choice. It is worth mentioning, however, that we still recommend the Good Credit Platinum Double for frequent travelers, which is free in the first year and costs 99 dollars from the second year. The extensive insurance benefits and the many partner cards make up for this fee.

What’s the catch with the new Good Credit Visa?


Of course, we have already written a detailed analysis of the Good Credit Visa for you. In this you will also find out that there is of course a catch with the new credit card. However, we find that this is less serious than the simultaneous improvements. Specifically, the repayment modalities change.

From the customer’s point of view, these are becoming somewhat more complex and are intended to ensure that more consumers use the so-called installment option. What does that mean specifically? So far, there have been three payment options for the Good Credit New Visa:

  • Direct debit
  • Transfer
  • Immediate move-in

The new product no longer offers the possibility of full direct debit payment for the settlement. Until now, payment by bank transfer and the automatic use of the installment payment option were preset, but in the future you will simply not be able to switch to full repayment by direct debit. However, the minimum direct debit amount changes.

So far, Good Credit has collected two percent, but at least 15 dollars, of the respective card balance from the New Visa. The Good Credit Visa will still collect at least two percent, but at least 50 dollars. If you spend less than this amount, full payment by direct debit is still possible.